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When did you get up? I got up at six.你什么时候起床的?我六点起床的.When will the bus arrive? At eleven.公共汽车什么时候到?11点.When do we have breakfast? At seven.我们什么时候吃早餐?七点.When were you born? I was born on January 1st, 1988.When do you go to school? At eight.你什么时候去上学?八点.

when I got home,he was watching TV.when I handed up,he was laughing.when I turned back him,he was smiling.when he failed down,his mother was sleeping.when he pushed the door,the girl was taking a shower.when she get out of the house,her

when i was doing my home work when the telephone rang.he was taking a bath when he listened the cd.they were playing computer games when they had lunch.while while i was taking a bath, i watched the movie.while he was playing computer games, he listened the cd.while they were doing homework, they watched tv.

when will you arrive? i will arrive at sevenwhen did you get here? i arrived at sixwhen did you start learning Enlish? i started learning when i was eleven years old.when my mother went out ,i was sleeping at home when will you finish your homework?

when KK: [] DJ: [] ad.1. (用作疑问副词)什么时候,何时 I'd like to know when they'll let him out.我想知道他们什么时候放他.When did you last see Margaret?你上一次见到玛格丽特是什么时候?2. (用作关系副词,引导关系从句)当时 There

When i was young,i like playing football. When i went to the school,i found a girl was crying on the street. When i was reading a book,my mother came in my room.

When did you visit Beijing?I visited Beijing last year.你什么去北京旅游的?我去年去北京旅游的

when do/does/did sb do sth?when can sb do sth?when be sb (do) sth?

when are you going to school?when is he going to bed ?when do you come to school ?when does he go to beijing?when do you have your breakfast?when are you coming back?when does he pick you up?when do you make money for me?when are you making money for me ?when does he buy me a bag?

询问时间一般用What's the time (now)?或者What time is it now?,学了这么多年英语我个人还没在看过或者听过用when来询问的


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