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He should not underestimate oneself.他不应低估自己.

These films are suitable for adults only.这些电影只适宜成人观看.All the students are assigned to suitable jobs.所有的学生都分到了合适的工作.

i prefer to go to school by bus 我更喜欢坐公共汽车去上学

1、They moved here because of the baby.他们为了孩子而搬家到这里.2、I study because I want to learn.我学习是因为我想学到知识.3、An old coin was dug up in the garden.在花园里挖出了一枚古硬币.

my parents are very strict 我的父母非常严格

They blamed the accident on him.他们把这个意外事故归咎于他.

He didn't go to school because of the illness.由于生病了,他没有去上学.because of the rain, we didn't go camping last week.由于下雨了,我们上周没有去野营.because of the traffic jam, I was late for school.由于堵车,我上学迟到了.

leave11.离开(某处)[(+for)] Mr. Smith left the room at two o'clock. 史密斯先生两点离开房间.e69da5e887aa62616964757a686964616f313332623465382.离开(某人)的身边;遗弃,离弃 Her husband has left her. 她的丈夫把她遗弃了.

I often imagine living a big city.

weather [5weTE(r)] n.天气;气候 I don't like cold weather.我不喜欢寒冷的天气.The weather gradually fined after a heavy shower.一阵暴雨后天气逐渐转了晴.The weather has been dry this week.这个星期天气很干燥.keep one's weather eye open 警惕,注意(会发生的乱子等) make heavy weather of 感到难以应付 under the weather 有病;不舒服;难过 weather vt., vi.(安全)渡过 (暴风雨、困难等) 风化


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