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do you sell? i mean your car?你卖吗?我是说你的汽车?goods of that quality will never sell.这样质量的商品绝对卖不出去.what do they sell, if anything?如果他们做销售,销售什么 如果帮到你,请记得采纳,o(∩_∩)o谢谢

sell [sel] vt.1.卖,出售:to sell one's house / 卖房2.经销,经营,销售,推销:to sell insurance / 销售保险 Do you sell sweets ? / 你卖糖果吗?3.卖给:He'll sell me the house for $ 15,000. / 他要把房卖给我,出价15 000美元.4.说服,劝,使接

卖,销售:I sell my bear to my classmate.

We sell our clothes at very good prices 我们以优惠的价格出售我们的衣服

Sell me a bike.卖我辆单车

I will sell this kind of candles to the villagers.我要把这种蜡烛卖给村民.

on sell 只是表示这件商品在出售 如 This jacket is on sell . (这件夹克在买.)on sale表示这件商品在廉价出书,或者是减价出售.如 This jacket is on sale. (这件夹克在减价出售). 希望你能懂.

He sell out and retired to the seaside.他卖掉了自己的企业,退休后到海滨去了.

we sell the clothes to anybody on sale.(把anybody换成everybody可能会好一点)翻译:廉价出售适合每个人的衣服

为你解答.如对本题还有疑问He sells a book to me,请追问.他卖我一本书,敬请采纳


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