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楼主 你好 i have seen that movie recently(我最近才看过那部电影) recently通常放句末 也可以放句首 但用的不多

i have received a letter from my friend recently,最近我收到一个朋友的来信

already在陈述句是已经的意思,yet在否定句中是至今的意思,这2个单词经常在有现在完成时的句子里,是外国人的习惯. 但already只能放在陈述句中,yet只能放在否定句和疑问句中. 例 i have already eaten lunch.我已经吃过早餐了. he hasn't been back yet.他直到现在还没回来. have you got over this problem yet?你(直到)现在解决这个问题了吗?

The weather will be cold in recently


where have you gone? I have gone to American.who has gone to Beijing? Lucy has gone to Beijing.what have you eaten? I have eaten an apple.what have you bought? I have bought a book.what have you seen? I have seen a plane.

1. He has already come to my place.2. It has not yet cost us much money.3. The grass in this field hasn't ever been cut.4. We have done our homework just before your arrival.5. He has drawn the same picture twice.6. I have dreamed for this moment


recently做副词,“最近”修饰修饰全句 I'm very busy recently完全正确recently 完全可以用在一般现在时你这句话刚好例句网里都有:http://www.jukuu.com/search.php?q=I%27m%20very%20busy%20recently其他用法你看看这里的例句吧:recentlyhttp://www.jukuu.com/search.php?q=recently

1.I have already finished my homework.2.Have you cleaned your room yet?No.I haven't cleaned my room yest.3.She has just fed her dog.4.What have you done recently?5.Have you ever been to Hongkong?6.I have never been abroad.7.Has he been to the USA before?


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