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they burst into laughter他们突然大笑起来.

we brust into laughter,as soon as the teacher came in with no shoes.老师进来却没穿鞋,我们哄的一声就笑了

The sea rippled and sparkled in the sun.大海在阳光下波光粼粼.

Him laughing made me awfully embarrassed

human race:In the ashes,they found some bones of human race beings. electronic:This camera has an electronic. burst into laughter:He often bursts into laughter and we think he is funny.

1.因…而发笑 We laughed at his jokes.我们听了他的笑话都笑了.2.嘲笑, 取笑 Are you laughing at me?你在嘲笑我吗?No one laughed at her when she failed.当她失败时, 没人讥笑她.The foolish boy was laughed at wherever he went.这个愚


1.They would both laugh at you. 他们都会嘲2113笑你的.2.Perhaps people would laugh at you? 可能别人5261会嘲笑你吗?3.I won't laugh at his jokes. 他说笑话,我才不会笑.41024.We laugh at such jokes because the pattern change is

The bottle is filled with water.那个杯子被水充满

【fright】To hide my fright I asked a question.为了掩饰自己的恐惧,我问了个问题.The last time you had a real fright, you nearly crashed the car.上一次你吓得够呛,差点儿把车撞烂了.A tree fell on the house and gave him a fright.一棵树倒在房


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