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用hAvE to造句并翻译

谢谢. 希望我的回答能对你有帮助:I would like to go to your party,but I have to see a dentist. eghave to 表示客观上必须! 祝你成功

The young people have to work hard to buy a house.年轻人不得不努力工作来买套房子.Because of the bad weather, the sports meeting has to be cancled.由于天气原因,运动会不得不取消.

I have to go now.I have to finish my homework tonight.

You have to do your homework

i have to help him.我不得不帮助他,.have to表示“不得不”,不情愿的意思.

I have do my homework. How do he thing of the thip? I want to go home. I thing my dream is come true.

We have to wear school uniform every day.(我们必须每天穿校服.) 再看看别人怎么说的.

Does he have to do his homework right now?这个答案可以吗

i have something to do with my computer .译为我要用我的电脑. 但希望楼主自己再多造几句,英语真的很重要的.欢迎采纳

1 i had to follow the teacher said to do 2 rain, i have to stay at home 3 mother said, i had to learn the knowledge 4 to understand the knowledge, i have to ask the teacher for advice 5 i like to eat hamburgers, but today sold out, i had to eat other food


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