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I have a disagreement with this thing

【disagreement】.n.分歧,意见不合;异议,争论;不一致;不适合 复数;disagreements Plans for a peace conference failed due to disagreement on who should be allowed to attend 由于在受邀人员一事上谈不拢,和平会谈的计划化为了泡

We are not blind to the reality of disagreement.我们不会忽视意见不合的事实.His disagreement with his family was well known.他和家庭的龃龉是众所周知的.Agreement may

because 是连词,其后接句子;because of 是复合介词,其后接名词、代词、动名词、what 从句等.如:I didn't buy it because it was too expensive. 我没有买是因为它太贵了.He is here because of you (that). 他为你He lost his job because of

Cotton gloves absorb sweat. 棉手套吸汗.

1.We have a disagreement on this problem. 2.Some people might think the problem unimportant. 3.We have to face this problem.

希望以下诸多句子中,有十句能为你所用.1、It's good for you to learn English.学英语对你有好处2、It's very dangerous for children to cross the busy street. 对孩子们来说,穿过繁忙的街道很危险.3、It's difficult for us to finish the work. 对我们

1.We had a big disagreement . 我们之间意见分歧很大. 2. The doctor followed the development of the child closely. 医生仔细观察这个孩子的成长情况. 3. These films are suitable for adults only. 这些电影只适宜成人观看. 4.I'll try my best to help you. 我会尽最大的努力帮助你. 5.I will not care anything unimportant. 我不关心不重要的事.

note 英[nt] 美[not] n. 笔记; 音符; 便笺; 钞票; vt. 注意; 记录; 指出; 对…加注释; [例句]Stevens wrote him a note asking him to come to his apartment 史蒂文斯给他写了张便条,请他去自己的公寓.Since Mr Bennett was going to

The best treatment of this diesease is still in disagreement among doctors.


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