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He said he would do his work the next day.He said his work would be done the next day.

你说的被动语态是不是就是用这些词的被动形式造句? 1 the girl who was lost has been found.那个走丢的女孩被找到了. 2 our teaching building was rebuild after the earthquake.我们的教学楼是在地震之后重建的. 3 a lot of water has been

1楼明显错误!一般将来时的被动语态的两种形式:(1)will be +过去分词(2)is/are going to be +过去分词 1楼的句子正确写法应是:This dog will be killed by me.这只狗将会被我杀死.The match is going to be held

一般将来时I willsend the letter tomorrow.The letter will be sent(by me) tomorrow.we will play football tomorrow.Football will be played (by us)tomorrow.过去将来时 He said they

i was bit by a vampire when i was thirteen. 过去被动

解读+例句:一般将来时的被动语态构成:will+ be + 及物动词的过去分词: A new hospital will be built in our city. Many more trees will be planted next year. The classroom will be cleaned by Lilei tomorrow.These homework will be finished in ten

你好, 一般将来时的被动态结构是will be done ,或者be going to be done.如: the bicycle will be repaired tomorrow.

举个例子: 疑问句:was he killed? 否定句:he was not killed. 肯定句:he was killed. 因为被动语态一定用上动词 to be,所以句子在形态上和用名词或形容词作表语的句子一样.

一般现在时,主:We believe him.被:He is believe by us.一般过去时,主:He bought his children some pen.被:Some pen were bought for his children by him.一般将来时,主:Everyone will know the truth soon .被:Th


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