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使让mAkE sB sth DonE造句

I have to make my hair cut short.我必须让头发剪短.

make sb do sth使某人做某事,当sb后面接上述系动词表示'使某人看起来/闻起来/感觉'时,系动词按make sb do sth的固定词组使用原形即可. make sb. done使某人(被)怎么样

I make my hair cut.You have to make your clothe washed.

Let sth 后只能接do动词原形,但是可以接Let sth be done.Let it be done at once. 这件事要立刻办make sth done.I try to make my words understood in classes. 在课堂上我尽力让大家听理解我的话.have sth doneShe had a scarf around her neck.她脖子上围著围巾【英语牛人团】倾情奉献,可追问,满意请记得采纳!

I make her clean the room for me The boss makes Jack clean his office.I make the students elect a monitor.My mother makes me do my homework

make 后的 sb. do sth. 是复合宾语结构,意思是 “让某人做某事”,如 Don't make him work at the desk endlessly (不要让他没完没了地伏案工作).

My mother often makes me do housework. Don't make me make sentences, or I will kill you. (呵呵) Now you make me make sentences for you. Your father makes you marry me when you grow up. (呵呵) Your teacher made you sweep the classroom this morning.(惨啊,做若力).记得采纳啊

这是个错误的 语法 只有 sb be made to do 或者 make sb done 好像还有 反正你那种是错的

I make him go shopping

My father make me to finish my homework 望采纳哦


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