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詔鹿[j┫ j┴]gather; assemble; [垢] accumulation; congestion; collect ;

Get together 鹿栽,詔鹿 Come together;assemble or accumulate;gather 詔鹿;孰鹿;持拙;鹿栽;馴鹿 Round up; gather up;capture 詔鹿;棄俺 Get together; come together;party 詔鹿;詔氏

gather[哂][][胆][] vt.辺鹿;詔鹿,朴鹿;辺諸,辺抹;寡鹿 vi.幟愁奐紗,持詔

鹿嶄:concentration しゅうちゅう‐鹿嶄/ concentration.★哂才 ~する[鹿める]concentrate[鹿まる]center


n.1. sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching2. the act of gathering somethingv.1. assemble or get togethergather some stones 2. collect in one placeLet's gather in the dining room 3. collect or

詔鹿:Aggregation assemble 詔氏:gathering 扮峙 party

crowd 哂[krad]胆[krad] n.繁蛤; 蛤巉; 匯蛤 vi.啜七,詔鹿 vt.七諾; 繍´毘序; 岸影

crowd哂[krad]胆[krad]n.繁蛤; 蛤巉; 匯蛤vi.啜七,詔鹿vt.七諾; 繍´毘序; 岸影


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