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1.My family I love my family,because I have a happy family.My father is an English teacher.His name is Jacky.He is thirty-eight.He likes playing basketball.My mother is a teacher.She is very kind and nice,and she is thirty-seven.I love my parents!On

I love my happy family,My father,he is a doctor,he is loving to me,and he is very funny,My mother is an English teacher,She always helps me with English,As for my sister,she is 7 years old,she likes playing tennis on morning.This is my family,Funny?

There are four people in my family. My mother is a housewife.(家庭主妇) My father is self-employed(个体户). My sister studies at primary school. I also studies at primary school.

I have a happy family. In my family, There are there poeple:They are my father, my mother and me. .My parents and me live in city. My father is a worker. He works hard. My mother is a Chinese teacher, she goes to work at seven o'clock. . In the

My family There are 4 people in my family, my mother, my father and my sister and I.My father works in the hospital, he is a doctor, he usually goes to work on foot in nine.My mother is in police work, he is a policewoman. He always do the bus to work

My name is XXX, I'm very happy . Beacuse I have three family . My mother is stay at home . My father is a worker . My sister an I are students. I love they very much!

:我的家庭有四个成员.我妈妈是一个家庭主妇.她精心照顾我的家人.我的父亲是一个个体劳动者.他工作非常努力为整个家庭.我是高中生妹妹是小学生.我们的家庭生活很幸福的在一起. : my family has four members. My mother is a

My name is Huang Xueqin, this year 11 years old, I read the new River Center, fourth-grade class. I have a pair of big eyes, a small nose and a big mouth. My favorite thing is the violin, books and computers, I like to do is playing the violin, listening to

My family My family have 3 peoples.My mother ,fatner and me.My mother is a teacher.My father is a driver.I am a good student.My mother likes watch TV.My father likes plays baskerball.I like play compu

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