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What are you doing?1. I'm watching TV.2. I'm writing my homework.3. I'm cleanning the house.4. I'm on the way home.5. I'm going shopping.6. I'm on my holiday.7. I'm talking on the phone.8. I'm having breakfast.9. I'm listening to the raido.10. I'm telling a story.希望我的回答对您有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢.

as soon as意思是“一……就……” as soon as possible意思是“尽可能快地……” 例句: eg:I will tell him as soon as I see him.我一看到他就会告诉他. eg:I will tell him as soon as possible.我会尽可能快地告诉他.

I turn on the lights. 我 开 灯了. I was turn on by her perfume. 她的香水 吸引 我了 turn on 两个解释 1. 开动, 2. 吸引 您好,很高兴为您解答,【聆听专家团】为您答疑解惑 如果本题有什么不明白可以追问,如果满意记得点击右下角【采纳答案】 如果有其他问题请采纳本题后向本圈求助 祝您学习进步!谢谢!

photograph造句:1、The photograph agrees with the original. 照片跟原物(或本人)一模一样 2、She moves-and the photograph becomes film. 她在动,于是照片变成影片了 3、One complete circular track appears in the lower part of the

1 There is a football behind the door.2 There are two cats under the table.3 There is some water in the glass.4 There are two caps on the bed.5 There is a bag on the chair.

我记得去上课!I remember to study

She looks like a star她看起来像一个明星 She looks like one of my friends她看起来像我的一个朋友 He looks like it just wake up他象刚睡醒的样子 She looks like my grandmother她看起来像我的祖母

be afraid to do sth.真正的意思是“害怕做某事”,也就是主语对做某事内心感到恐惧 eg: He was afraid to go out alone at night.

To summarise, this is a clever approach to a common problem.总而言之,这是一个解决常见问题的巧妙方法.

你说的是be concerned about吧 In this age of globalisation, china is also apartner-which is why we should all be concerned aboutthe challenges ahead.

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