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Starter Unit 1 good morning Good morning! hi hello HB CD BBC afternoon Good afternoon! evening Good evening! how are you How are you? i'm=i

. how much (价钱)多少 2. pants (pl.)裤子3. sock 短袜n.4. shirt 男衬衣;衬衫n.5. T-shirt T恤衫n.6. shorts 短裤n.7. sweater 毛衣n.8. shoe 鞋n.9. skirt 裙子n.10. sale 出售;廉价销售n.11. dollar 元(美国、加拿大等国的货币 单位,符号为$)12.

第一组50个what 什么is 是your 你的;你们的name 名字my 我的yes 是;是的it 它this 这个;这a 一(个,件)book 书pen 钢笔desk 书桌map 地图bag 书包;提包;口袋pencil 铅笔double 双的;双重的good-bye再见number 数字;号码in

Hi,I'm Jenny.Here are two nice photos of my family.My grandfather and grandmother are in the fist photo.These are my parents,Alan and Mary.In the next picture are my brothers,Bob andEtic.These two girls are my sister Cindy andmy cousin Helen.

Unit9 section B 3a 原文:I often go to movies with my friend,Mike.My favorite actor is Paul Jackson.He has a new movie,My father's Birtbday.It's a very funny comedy.Mike likes the actor Rick Smith.He really likes his movie,Black September,It's a

Unit 1e-dog 电子狗master 主人year 年,岁grade 年级;等级reading 阅读club 兴趣小组,俱乐部everyone 每个人be born 出生after 在后,在后面slim苗条long 长的music 音乐hard 努力地,困难的short 短的swimming 游泳wear 穿,戴


what 什么


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